Since its establishment in 1966, this agency has provided substantial financial relief to victims of crime and their families by paying unreimbursed crime-related expenses, including but not limited to: medical and burial expenses, loss of earnings or support, counseling costs, crime scene clean-up expenses, the cost to repair or replace items of essential personal property, reasonable court transportation expenses, assistance to crime victims acting as a good Samaritan, the cost of residing at or utilizing the services of a domestic violence shelter, and limited attorney fees. 

If you are an innocent victim of a crime within New York State you may be eligible to receive benefits from OVS.

Who may be eligible for compensation?

Compensation May Be Awarded If:

Compensation Benefits Include:

You May Obtain Emergency Benefits If:

To learn more about our compensation program, please read the OVS Guide to Compensation and the Frequently Asked Questions under our “Help for Crime Victims” button.

A copy of our claim application is available (1.17 mb).