TRAINING: Engaging Your Board and Volunteers in Building Community Support

Thursday, November 5, 2020 - 11:00am

Engaging Your Board and Volunteers in Building Community Support Webinar hosted by OVS on November 5 at 11am.

Victim Assistance Programs provide a vital service to their communities, but often people don’t know the range of your services or the degree to which they are having an impact. Building and strengthening your community network will help you build support for your programs, as well as connect you with the many assets (individuals, institutions and resources) available to your program in your community. Each organization has its own key members who can serve as “community ambassadors” to build this support.

This webinar will address:

• Building community outreach into your strategies and schedule
• Creating an outreach plan:
o Who do you want to reach?
o Where do you find them?
o How do you connect?
• Developing key messages for your organization – what is the story you want to tell?
• Developing key messengers for your organization – who is best positioned to do this outreach?

Following the webinar, our consultants can provide additional assistance with:

• Working with leaders to develop an outreach plan
• Facilitating a meeting to develop key agency messages
• Providing training to agency messengers

Please Note: Pre-registration for this webinar IS required. See below to register.

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