Forensic Rape Examination (FRE) Direct Reimbursement Program

The Office of Victim Services directly reimburses medical providers for forensic rape examinations (FREs) if victims of sexual assault do not have access to private health insurance or chose not to use their private health care insurance for the examination. This measure is an exception to the agency’s payer of last resort rule and provides for the personal privacy of victims. 

An exam may also include collection and preservation of evidence in a Sexual Offense Evidence Collection Kit, which can assist law enforcement if an individual decides to report the crime. Reporting to police is not mandatory, however, and should never prevent someone from seeking medical care. Providers are required to retain sexual offense evidence collection kits for 20 years.

June 2020: Updated Guidance to Laws and Regulations related to FREs from OVS and the state Department of Health

Memo to Hospital CEOs

Memo to Hospital Emergency Departments

Medical Provider Forensic Rape Examination (FRE) Direct Reimbursement Program Training

For additional information or clarification, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or contact OVS for more information: 1-800-247-8035.

OVS aims to ensure that survivors of sexual assault and the providers that assist them benefit from this important program. The agency remains ready to do all it can to compassionately and effectively serve innocent victims of crime.

FRE Claim Application for Medical Providers

FRE Claim Supplemental Information

Forensic Rape Exam (FRE) Frequently Asked Questions