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Information for Victims of Crime

Need help finding your kit or updating your contact information; learn about your choices.
Information for Victims of Crime


The Office of Victim Services stores unreported SOECKs for 20 years after collection. OVS stores kits in a secure facility. We will keep your items until the 20 years has passed or until you make a choice about your kit. 
Your choices include:

  • Keeping the kit in storage for 20 years
  • Reporting and releasing your kit to law enforcement
  • Returning your personal items to you
  • Disposing of the items prior to the 20-year timeframe

The Kit Inventory and Tracking System (KITS) has a Victim Portal that allows you to view the status of your kit, update your preferences and personal information. Your case number and PIN provide access to the portal; remember to keep that information secure. 

Additional Support and Resources

OVS funds and supports victim assistance programs in communities across the state. These programs provide free services to victims, survivors, and loved ones, and hep you apply for victim compensation. 

Visit OVS Resource Connect to find a program.

FAQ for Victims

Forms and Documents