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Many Victim Assistance Programs are funded through the New York State Office of Victim Services and are located in many areas. These programs can assist you in filing your claim with OVS. Victim Assistance Programs can provide immediate help to victims and also offer additional services that are not directly offered by OVS. Many of these services can be of great comfort and assistance to victims of crimes.

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Victim Assistance Programs are staffed by professionals trained to help victims of crime. Victim Assistance Programs can help in the following ways:

  • Help victims with Office of Victim Services' compensation applications
  • Provide emotional support and crisis counseling to victims
  • Offer confidential services
  • Listen and advocate on behalf of the victim
  • Provide information on crime victims' legal rights and protections
  • Explain how the criminal justice process works
  • Provide information on the civil legal (non-criminal) system and explain how it works
  • Help victims with safety planning
  • Help find victims shelter and transportation
  • Help victims with Victim Impact Statements
  • Find additional resources and offer referrals to other services