New Poster Raises Awareness of OVS Services

July 7, 2015 - 11:15am

The poster, distributed statewide to law enforcement, hospitals and other entities, highlights the availability of financial compensation for innocent crime victims.

A new poster designed to raise awareness about financial compensation that may be available to innocent crime victims is now available from the Office of Victim Services.

Distributed statewide to law enforcement, hospitals and other entities that assist crime victims, the poster provides an overview of the types of compensation the agency may be able to provide. It also features a QR code that links to a list of victim assistance programs that provide direct services, such as counseling and crisis intervention, advocacy and legal help, to those in times of need.

Financial compensation from OVS can help victims pay for medical costs, funeral expenses and transportation cost associated with court appearances, for example.  Individuals who may be eligible include: those who are physically injured as a result of a crime; youth or people over 60 who have not been injured; certain relatives of crime victims; individuals who paid for burial expenses for an innocent victim of crime; and child victims who witness a crime among others.

E-mail [email protected] to request copies of the poster.

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