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VAP Training Center

Training Resources for OVS funded providers across New York State.


The Training & Outreach Unit regularly offers training and technical assistance to the network of victim service providers funded by OVS across New York State. Through research, professional development, trainings and conferences, OVS builds the capacity of victim assistance programs to better serve victims of crime. Many no-cost tools, resources and specialized training opportunities are highlighted below.

Training Spotlight

OVS Seeking Solutions Summit
OVS 2022 Summit

The OVS Seeking Solutions Summit is a biennial gathering of OVS-funded advocates to learn about a specific topic with the goal of improving their ability to serve victims and survivors of crime in New York State. Click on the resources below or visit ovs.ny.gov/summit for more details.

OVS Seeking Solutions Summit Agenda 
OVS Seeking Solutions Summit Registration Guidelines


OVS Victim Service Academy Training
Victim Service Academy Trainings

To help address the underlying needs of crime victims, the New York State Office of Victim Services (OVS) and the Institute for Disaster Mental Health at SUNY New Paltz (IDMH) have partnered to offer Victim Service Academy Trainings to entry-level victim service professionals from OVS-funded organizations. Click on the resources below or visit ovs.ny.gov/academy for more details.

VSAT Course Catalog (IN-PERSON)
VSAT Registration Guidelines (IN-PERSON)


OVS Conference
OVS 2023 Conference COMING SOON

The OVS Conference is a biennial professional development conference for OVS-funded advocates to network and improve their ability to serve victims and survivors of crime in New York State. Click on the resources below or visit ovs.ny.gov/conference for more details.

OVS 2023 Conference - Agenda (Coming Soon)
OVS 2023 Conference - Registration Guidelines (Coming Soon)
OVS 2023 Conference - Call for Presentations (Coming Soon)

Featured Resources

  • An online community forum for OVS-funded Victim Assistance Programs (VAPs), VAP Connect provides a space for VAPs to come together, network, and share valuable information and best practices with one another.
  • OVS Resource Connect is a concern-based search engine designed to help you find resources provided by OVS-funded Victim Assistance Programs from across New York State. 
  • A no-cost Training and Technical Assistance Request Program in which OVS matches specialized consultants with OVS-funded programs to deliver a wide-range of custom-tailored organizational leadership and communication services. 
  • Periodic national, state and regional training information is shared via the OVS Listserv, where subscribers can receive inside access to OVS training announcements and the quarterly OVS Outreach newsletter. 
  • The OVS YouTube Channel features up-to-date resources and recently recorded training opportunities for victim assistance programs funded by OVS.

Advocate Guidelines for Compensation

Resources and documentation guidelines to assist with the OVS compensation claim process. In addition, the OVS Compensation Training Video Series features videos that outline assistance available from the agency and offer detailed instructions for filing claims. Virtual VAP Compensation Training is also offered monthly, visit the Events page to learn more and register. 

Billing for a Forensic Rape Exam (FRE)

OVS offers training on an overview of the FRE Direct Reimbursement Program. Facilitated by OVS Associate Attorney, Shelby Foster, this training covers relevant laws and regulations, how to complete and file the OVS Direct Reimbursement Claim Form, common billing/reimbursement issues and other Frequently Asked Questions. Appropriate for advocates, medical providers, facility registration/billing/administration staff and anyone else that is involved with the Forensic Rape Examination Direct Reimbursement Claims at any point in the process. 

For more information and to request this training, email [email protected].