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VAP Training Center

Training and outreach resources for OVS-funded providers across New York State.


The OVS Training and Outreach Unit regularly offers training and technical assistance to the network of victim service providers funded by OVS across New York State. Through research, professional development, trainings and conferences, OVS builds the capacity of victim assistance programs to better serve victims of crime. Many no-cost tools, resources and specialized training opportunities are highlighted on the page below.

Also, periodic national, state and regional training information is routinely shared via the OVS Listserv, where subscribers can receive inside access to OVS training announcements and the quarterly OVS Outreach newsletter. To stay up-to-date with OVS training and outreach efforts, click the Subscribe Now! button below: 

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Training Spotlight

2024 OVS Seeking Solutions Summit

2024 OVS Summit
The New York State Office of Victim Services (OVS) 2024 Seeking Solutions Summit, Challenges for Providing Victim Services in Rural Communities: Ensuring Sustainable and Effective Services, will take place June 25 – 26, 2024, at The Lodge Skaneateles, in Skaneateles Falls, New York.

The 2024 OVS Seeking Solutions Summit is a statewide professional development event that will bring OVS-funded advocates and allied professionals together to learn from experts about the main barriers rural communities face, to better understand the challenges specific to this population, and identify gaps in services.

Click on resources below or visit ovs.ny.gov/summit for the most up to date event information, including agenda, speakers, registration details, and much more!

Additional 2024 OVS Seeking Solutions Summit Resources:

Training & Technical Assistance

Training & Technical Assistance Request Program (TTARP)

The OVS Training & Technical Assistance Request Program is a customized, no-cost training and technical assistance pairing service for OVS-funded programs. By drawing on the expertise of training professionals, OVS matches specialized consultants with OVS-funded programs to deliver a wide-range of custom-tailored organizational leadership and communication services. 

For more information about TTARP and to submit a request, click the button below: 

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Tools & Resources

OVS VAP Connect

An online community forum for OVS-funded Victim Assistance Programs (VAPs), OVS VAP Connect provides a space for VAPs to come together, network, and share valuable information and best practices with one another.

OVS Resource Connect

OVS Resource Connect is a concern-based search engine designed to help you find resources provided by OVS-funded Victim Assistance Programs from across New York State. 

OVS YouTube Channel

The OVS YouTube Channel features up-to-date resources and recently recorded training opportunities for victim assistance programs funded by OVS.

OVS Events Calendar

The OVS Events Calendar features special OVS-sponsored events and trainings.  

Specialized Trainings

OVS Grants Training 

The OVS Grants Training Series is a series of recorded training videos that provides an introduction to OVS key contract administration requirements and guidance for not-for-profit and municipal agencies receiving funds from OVS.  Periodic in-person/virtual VAP Grants trainings are also offered by OVS, contact your Contract Management Specialist or email [email protected] for more information.  

Additional resources for OVS-funded programs, including contract forms and publications, can be found on the OVS Guidance for Victim Service Providers Webpage.

OVS Compensation Training

The OVS Compensation Training Series is a series of recorded training videos that provides an introduction to OVS and its compensation claims process for providing reimbursement of eligible crime related expenses to innocent victims of crime. A virtual VAP Compensation Training is also offered monthly, visit the Events page to register or email [email protected] for more information.

Additional OVS Compensation information, including guidelines and resources for advocates, can be found on the OVS Victim Compensation Webpage.  

OVS FRE Direct Reimbursement Program Training

The OVS Forensic Rape Examination (FRE) Direct Reimbursement Program Training Video is a recorded introduction and overview of the FRE Direct Reimbursement Program. Periodic in-person/virtual FRE Direct Reimbursement training is also offered by the OVS Associate Attorney, for more information and to request this individual training, email [email protected]

Additional information regarding direct reimbursement, including common billing/reimbursement issues and other frequently asked questions, can be found on the OVS FRE Direct Reimbursement Program Webpage