When can I expect to receive my restitution money?

When can I expect to receive my restitution money?

Restitution payments are usually made to the local probation department by the perpetrator.  In New York City, non-probation restitution may be referred to Safe Horizon or another non-profit collection agency.  Payments are based on the amount ordered and disbursed according to the schedule of payments in the restitution order.  The appropriate restitution collection agency will then send a check to you accordingly. 

You must furnish the restitution collection agency with your current address.  Always notify the restitution collection agency of your change of address.

If the New York State Crime Office of Victim Services has paid your bills, the Court may order that restitution payments be made to the OVS for those paid items.

If you filed a claim with the New York State Office of Victim Services, it is important that you advise the OVS if the Court orders the perpetrator to pay restitution. 

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